RTR-500NW/500AW Operation Guide


RTR-500W for Windows is the name of the software, made up of the following program applications, designed to allow the user to not only make all necessary RTR-500NW/500AW settings and manage logging systems and devices, but also to process and view data.

For details about the basic procedures for each application see Basic Procedures, and for details about how to use each application see the "Help" for that application.


The following terms are used throughout the actual software applications including in the "Help" for each application. The definitions of the terms are as follows:

  • Base Unit = RTR-500NW/RTR-500AW
  • Remote Unit = Any of the RTR-500 Series Loggers
  • RTR-505 = RTR-505-TC/505-Pt/505-V/505-mA/505-P
  • Repeater = RTR-500